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Get a taxi, private car or rideshare from your mobile phone. Lyft connects you with a driver in minutes. Use the Lyft app in cities all over. Be sure to use the latest Lyft 2017 promo code below to get your first ride free!

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Lyft Promo Code
Easily Start a Ride

Lyft conveniently uses the GPS on your phone to pinpoint your location and connect you with a nearby driver. If you don't know your exact location, No Problem, with Lyft's advanced technology and your phone's GPS, you can get picked up anywhere Lyft operates.

Lyft is Reliable

Simply request a ride and the Lyft app does the rest. Lyft will find you a driver and let you see their location on the map. You'll receive an alert once your driver arrives. Your driver's contact details will appear in the app, so you can rest assured you are with the right driver, and you have the ability to text or call your driver.

Straightforward Pricing

You can see rates for your city in the app. You can also enter your pickup and drop-off locations to receive a free fare estimate for your journey. If Lyft Prime Time pricing is activated you will be advised in the app.

Cashless and Easy

Lyft is a cashless app. You never need to worry about having cash as your linked credit card is on file in the app. You will automatically be charged. You also have the ability to tip your driver and tips are always appreciated. You will be emailed a receipt upon completion of your journey.

Feedback is Welcomed and Encouraged

You can rate your driver on how you felt the trip went on a 1-5 star rating scale. Drivers depend on their ratings to keep on good standing with Lyft.

Share a Lyft Line

Share the ride with others going the same way for a lower price. Available first in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, and Boston.